A label from musicians to musicians

Spectacular Sounds of Fury was a dream with some maturity by Marco Lima, the thinking head that gave rise to the label. Almost as a joke, Marco already knew the name he was going to give to this new master plan.

It was not necessary to think twice, nor to reach other agreements, they were sure, Spectacular Sounds of Fury would be! It was born in early anonymity in 2019, secret plans, editorial bustles with some tumbles of an edition that never came to see the light of day.

Marco Lima is a musician at heart, a sound engineer by profession, a man of a thousand crafs, always ready to move forward without fear. “If we don’t know how to do it, we learn!”. He is the daredevil of this heads or tails duo which is the Spectacular Sounds of Fury.

Marco Mourão, the other musician, graphic designer by day, was in charge of all the artwork, to embellish and give body and visual strength to this work. Within its private silence, the music that plays inside Marco, creates beautiful images and real connections. Marco and Marco are guitar friends and longtime bandmates, with several very real and well-played projects.

SSOF hibernated and gained strength in 2020 to start with its first work, a collaboration with a musician and friend. A beautiful, exclusive and much desired edition on a white vinyl.